Crafting is My Passion

The very title of this article is actually an understatement. To say that crafting is my passion does not do my passion for crafting any justice. I love crafting. I love it with every fiber of my being. I love being elbow deep in it and creating something new. I love taking two or more materials and combining them into something wonderful to be cherished, if not by one, but for generations to come. This love for crafting is a feeling almost indescribable. It is comparable to the air I breathe or the water I drink. It is a life-blood, a synergy, a middle center to my very being. It is deeply rooted into my psyche connected by my biography, my geography and local topography. It is strongly associated to my heredity with highlights given by my heritage. To simply say that I love crafting does not describe it well enough to convey my true feelings, however it is the best way I know how.

There are a lot of small craft businesses out there and a multitude of them whose owners feel the same way that I do about crafting. You will find some that are not has passionate and may only be in it for the money, but you will know them by how they talk about the topic of crafting. If there is a passion within them about it, they will have no problem trying to describe it for you. Those are the true craftsmen/craftswomen. Nothing against those that choose to only make a profit from the business. They are good business people. However their passion lies elsewhere and not within the craft itself. The craft itself, is not about making a profit, first and foremost. That comes after the fact. Profit is something you make on top of the craft, like icing on a cake. The icing is sweeter than the cake, but to the crafter, icing is only enhanced by the cake. With no passion or drive the icing is nothing more than whipped sugar and milk. The cake is the foundation and without it, the icing sits on nothing and stands alone. Sure the icing is good, but the cake makes it better. Just as in business, the profit is good, but the crafting makes it better. Some may disagree with that statement and say that it is backwards, but not the crafter. For them it is about the feeling first and everything on top of that makes the feeling better.

It is about feeling, passion, creativity, empowerment, ownership, self accountability, dedication, fervor, devotion, a zest, the spirit of a storm wrapped in the calm of a cloudless sky. This is about the crafter, the craftsman/craftswoman, the creator, the artisan, the journeyman, the machinist, the maker, the manufacturer, the mechanic, the smithy, the specialist, the wright, the technician. Call it what you want, its all about the craft and the person behind it. It is about the creation of something that will outlast its creator. It is about the formation of something greater than themselves and the feeling of accomplishment when the completed craft is in front of them. Its about the art which is imagined and then brought to life by the artisan. It is about the immersion into the final product which when completed is a piece worth ten times its weight in gold.

My feelings and passion for these skills here written, are intended to uplift those who put their heart and soul into a project, but have a hard time voicing their passion. This is for those who create a piece of art or craft a genuine one of a kind handmade treasure, but lack the language skills to best describe those feelings. It is for those who put in the time, effort and energy because they have a will that is strong and a passion that is stronger to make something beautifully unique, but not the verbal ability to speak of it eloquently enough.

I love crafting and if you have even half the passion for your job, as I have for crafting, then your success is already guaranteed. If not, then I wish you all the luck in finding your passion, because once you do, nothing will ever come between you two and you will want for nothing else ever again.

Maybe this is your craft, maybe not, but if I have omitted any specific craft, my apologies in advance, it was not intentional:

    • Applique

    • Armorer

    • Azulejo

    • Basketry/Basket weaving/Basket Making

    • Batik

    • Bead-work

    • Blacksmithing

    • Boiled leather making

    • Bookbinding

    • Bouquet

    • Bubble-gram

    • Cabinet making

    • Calligraphy

    • Cameo glass

    • Canvas work

    • Carpentry

    • Cast paper

    • Casting

    • Clock-making

    • Cooper

    • Copper-smith

    • Crewel embroidery

    • Crochet

    • Crochet

    • Cross-stitch

    • Decoupage

    • Earthenware

    • Embroidery

    • Embroidery

    • Farrier

    • Fletching

    • Flintknapping

    • Floral Design

    • Furniture making

    • Glass bead-making

    • Glass etching

    • Glassblowing

    • Glass-making

    • Glassware

    • Goldsmith

    • Gunsmith

    • Ikebana

    • Intarsia

    • Iris folding

    • Knife making

    • Knitting

    • Knitting

    • Lace-making

    • Lacquer art

    • Lapidary

    • Leather carving

    • Leather dying

    • Leather painting

    • Leather stamping

    • Leather-work

    • Letter carving on stone.

    • Locksmithing

    • Macrame (knotting)

    • Marquetry

    • Metalworking – metal-smith

    • Mosaic

    • Mosaics and inlaying

    • Needlepoint

    • Needlework

    • Origami (paper folding)

    • Paper crafts

    • Paper embossing

    • Paper marbling

    • Paper marbling

    • Paper model

    • Paper-cutting

    • Paper-making

    • Papier-mâché

    • Parchment craft

    • Patchwork

    • Pewter

    • Porcelain

    • Pottery

    • Quilling

    • Quilting

    • Quilting and quilt art

    • Ribbon Embroidery

    • Rope-making

    • Rug hooking

    • Rug making

    • Scrap-booking

    • Shoe-making

    • Silversmith

    • Spinning

    • Stone carving

    • Stone-masonry

    • Stoneware

    • Tatting

    • Tinware

    • Upholstery

    • Watchmaking

    • Weaving

    • Wood burning

    • Wood carving

    • Woodworking


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